Updated Google My Business Guidelines Disallow Virtual Offices as Service-Area Businesses

The updated Google my business guidelines have become a great help for the businesses which were listed on Google but has no service area allotted. There was no clarity that whether these virtual offices on the Google are relevant enough or not. It is recommended as per the guidelines by the Google my business to have a specific location business office or a customer visit service.

What are the eligibility criteria to fulfill the set guidelines?


  • The business entity is eligible;
    1. If they are working and in-person contact with their customers during their working hours. If there is a relationship between the business and the client, then the Google my business guidelines are eligible.
    2. If the business entity is on lease or rent, then they must follow the verification procedure for eligibility
  • The following business entities are not eligible;
      1. The business organization which are not open till yet or under construction.
      2. The business entity which has no authority of location.


How do the Google my business guidelines benefit the business working?


  • It makes the business relevant.

The business will become a brand in its own when it would follow the prescribed guidelines. The business will gain its presence in the virtual world of Google into a real entity. The online presence of the company will help in providing a good brand name to the company.

  • Inviting promising clients.

This will help the business to provide the most genuine and authentic information on the web portal. This also encourages in providing the authentic company location and other credentials. Thus, this is an initiative to gain online presence and invite consumers and clients. It is definitely a step forward in gaining recognition for the business organization.

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