Fred\’s Losers: Sistrix Analysis Says Ad-Heavy, Thin-Content Sites Hit Worst

It is important for all of us to know why Sistrix has analyzed the Google Fred update not likable for some of the SEO content. Sistrix, the SEO tool company has analyzed nearly 300 domains and was able to conclude that these domains are not fulfilling their purpose. Therefore, it is important to analyze that why has this been analyzed. The major important factors in the analysis are jotted down below;

Valueless Content for the Readers

The content which was considered not to be up to the mark was said to be of no value of to the readers. The information and the content provided in those domain related articles was of no use to the prospective readers. An article is written with a purpose of acquiring the interest of the readers. It is required to be reader friendly. Thus, the content was not appropriate according to the readers.

Advertisement Heavy Content

The content which was considered as low value content sites was full of advertisements. These advertisements are of no use to the readers and cause unusual hindrance in the readability. Thus, the application like ad blocker has been incorporated so that these advertisements do not cause problems in readability.

Content Heavy with Links

The contents which are heavy and overloaded with affiliation links are considered to be outdated. These contents might be enriched with keywords useful for SEO content but the excessive links have brought down the hits on those content sites.
Thus, these were the major flaws according to the Sistrix analysis which have resulted in the lesser hits on low value content sites. These contents might be based with the SEO enrichment features but due to their irrelevancy and useless information, they have become a major turn down on the web portal.

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